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Learning and growing at Beit Samueli Curiosity, open mindedness and a strong will is all you need to learn with us.


Both Jewish identity and Jewish peoplehood depend largely on being familiar with the never ending wealth of Jewish culture and learning.

At Beit Samueli we continuously create circles of learning that answer the interests and needs of the public and are intended to enrich the level of Jewish knowledge for individuals and for different groups of learners.

We invite you to join this enriching Jewish experience and welcome your suggestions as well.


Rabbi’s Classes in English

Rabbi Danny Meyer teaches classes in English on topics related to Jewish studies. This year’s subject is Current Ethical Issues in Israel today; considered in light of sources from Tanach/Halacha through Jewish philosophical views from the rabbinic period through modernity. Issues such as medical questions, marriage, abortion, homosexuality and the like will be considered in depth. In previous years, the classes dealt with subjects as diverse as the history of modern Israel, the Talmud tractate on the Shema, the Tanach Book of Kings, Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), Jewish philosophy through the centuries, and more.

In conjunction with the classes, we go on 2 to 3 tiyulim (trips) a year to locations around Israel. In the past we’ve visited to Zipori, Beit Shean, Guvrin, Tel Lachish, the Rabin Museum in Tel Aviv, Zikaron Yakov, the Israel Air Force Museum, etc. Tiyulim are arranged for Fridays to enable all to attend.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come – no prior attendance or “prerequisites” are required! Currently, the classes are meeting on Wednesday evenings at 8pm at the synagogue.