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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies

bnei-bnot mitzva

Celebrating the time of coming of age with the entire family.

Boys and girls celebrate the Jewish traditional ceremony of “coming of age.” There is no difference between the bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, including reading from the Torah, writing a personal commentary (a Drasha or Dvar Torah), reciting blessings and mostly – having a great time being the center of attention!

At Beit Samueli these ceremonies are personalized and planned with each individual family. Each member of the family has the opportunity to take an active part during the event. Live music and singing add color too.

Each boy or girl and at least one parent (or another adult chosen by the family) attend a series of eight classes featuring an “Introduction to Judaism” in addition to the private preparation undertaken with one of the teachers on the list of tutors Beit Samueli recommends.

Our Rabbis meet with each family and lead the services either at Beit Samueli or the place of your choice.

It is possible to have a fully catered event following most Bar/Bar Mitzvah ceremonies at Beit Samueli.

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A Bat Mitzvah - Whatever your choice will be – don’t miss the opportunity You will love it!


The Reform Movement firmly believes in gender equality and encourages an egalitarian approach to the entire religious context.

Girls have choices: they can be called to the Torah and celebrate this life cycle event exactly as tradition spells it out for boys.

Or they can choose to embark on a journey exploring this unique period of growing up following a variety of alternatives that our staff will offer culminating in a meaningful way to celebrate this important life event.

This suggested alternative program is available for individual families, private groups of girls (or moms and daughters) and also for school groups.