The community

Kehillat Ra’anan is the original Reform congregation in the city of Ra’anana. Our community is founded upon the Israeli Jewish ideals of freedom and equality. Further, we strive to provide a rich and powerful spiritual experience.

Who is the synagogue?

The synagogue welcomes everyone, and our doors are always open for men and women, young people and adults, individuals and families.

What is the core?

Our community life revolves around services, holidays, the cycle of life, learning and activities of “Tikkun Olam” (mobilization on behalf of the community and the needy).

Why 'community' and not 'synagogue'?

Beit Samueli is a community and a mutual support cooperative group. Our goal is to strengthen our relationships with each other and our participation with Israeli Jewish culture in a changing and evolving Israeli society. We do this via relating to the basic spiritual elements of prayer, learning and mutual commitment to each other.

To which Movement do we belong?

Kehilat Ra’anan belongs to the Reform Movement in Israel (Progressive Judaism). Within this framework, every city and region operates as an autonomous community that allows members to direct their own spiritual lives, within the framework of the ideals of the Movement. Therefore in our own way, our community life reflects free and egalitarian Judaism which derives power from our past heritage and present day life experiences.

Do we have any contact with other congregations like us?

Of course – we communicate with other Israel Reform Movement congregations and with other congregations similar to ourselves in Israel. Occasionally, some congregations get together for a cultural evening including Tu Bishvat seders, joint study for Shavuot, Shacharit services during holidays, tours and more.

Do our activities take place only in Ra’anana?

Our activities take place for the most part at Beit Sanueli in Ra’anana. However, our congregation conducts services for holidays and educational activities in the surrounding areas, including in Herzliya and Kfar Saba. Based upon our experience, we are pleased to assist other communities with cultural or educational events furthering the values of progressive Judaism.

Do we have any ties with overseas congregations?

We have many connections with overseas congregations. We enjoy visits by delegations of overseas congregation members when they are touring Israel. These groups join us for prayer services and communal meals and gatherings, during which they have the opportunity to meet personally with our members. Every year groups of adults, families and youth visit us. For each group we plan an appropriate meeting with the congregation either at the synagogue or in private homes. These visits strengthen our shared understanding and the important support between us and our friends abroad, in accordance with the principle that “all ‘Israel’ (i.e. Jews) are responsible for one another.”